Traveling to-from Uganda and Billings, Montana

img_1054As you might imagine, it takes a lot of time to fly from Montana to Uganda. Our routing took us on eight flights over four days of travel—22+ hours of flying time! Billings – Salt Lake City – Detroit – Amsterdam – Rwanda – Entebbe, Uganda – Amsterdam – Salt Lake City – Billings.






Many people were praying that we might be upgraded for even just one outbound flight so that we could take two more bags (four total) and thus, be able to take an additional 100 lbs of gifts for the village of Kibisi. God answered those prayers with a “no” because he didn’t allow us to take four bags; he allowed us to check seven bags for free! Thank you, God, and thank you, Delta!

Our journey of twenty-two hours in economy seats was a painful one—but we would do it again in a heartbeat if the Lord so alllows.


Here we are working as a family to pack up the 350 lbs of gifts that your generosity provided:










img_1036  img_1046











Sophia and Tara en route:

img_1067  img_1078







img_1097  img_1104








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