Please Support These Girls!

Would You Please Consider Helping These Girls?

My name is Sophia and I am thirteen years old.

Last year, my mother and I had the honor and privilege of serving the community of Kibisi, Uganda, when my mother was invited to speak at a women’s conference.

Kibisi is truly a land full of beauty! There are lush landscapes and beautiful words, but what really impacted us was the beauty of the people. Especially the women.

Ugandan women are strong, courageous, and full of life, but they face oppression at virtually every part of their culture. Young girls are defiled (sexually assaulted) by men who often then “marry” the girls. In reality, “marriage” just means more opportunities to hurt the girls. Many fathers are almost completely absent from their families. The women are forced to raise the children alone, and necessities like food, water, and schooling are extremely difficult to acquire. Thus, a terrible cycle of poverty continues on and on.

For my mother and me, and many people just like you (!), we are taking steps to help change the culture for girls and women. One key step of this change is helping these girls to stay in school. For a few dollars a month, we can change the entire life trajectory of a Ugandan girl’s life! At school, girls are safe from defilement, and they have a chance to learn a skill or a trade so that they can provide for themselves and their community.

All of the women ministry leaders in Uganda are 100% volunteers and of course everything our family does is 100% donated—so you can trust that your financial gifts are going straight to these girls’ educational needs. (If you have any questions about this whatsoever, my mother encourages you to contact her at “tara” at “tarabarthel dot com.”)

Will you please read these girls’ stories and consider making a gift of any amount? We would be so grateful.

Thank you and God bless you—
Sophia Barthel

p.s. Below are a few recent photos of some of the girls getting ready to go to their school… with mattresses, suitcases and school supplies. Can you see how happy they look? We are so grateful…

Winnie, Resty and Immaculate are ready to go!

Sylvia, Monica and Angela happily gather their supplies for school!

Immaculate (age 15), abandoned by her mentally ill mother and polygamous drunkard father; living with her 16 siblings and their 80+ year old grandmother (who is in failing health). Soon to become homeless and penniless unless she receives funding for school. Her dream is to become a teacher and help her family and entire village.



Here she is with her books, bedding, uniform, and everything she needs to complete high school, thanks to you!
Angela (age 18), forced to drop out of school to help her peasant farmer parents to support their ten children. Angela is one of the best students in the computer class for girls (hosted by I Am That Woman) and she is always looking for ways to serve her community. Angela dreams of finishing school and working in design so that she can support her family and contribute to her village. Angela
Thank you so much for helping Angela!
Sylvia (age 15), both parents are dead; Sylvia was temporarily taken in by peasant farmers of good will, but they cannot host her any longer. Sylvia will become homeless and destitute if we cannot find funding for her for boarding school. Her dream is to finish school and become a nurse in her village of Kibisi. Sylvia
Monica (age 13) lives with a violent, alcoholic father and a peasant farmer mother in their hut filled with 8 siblings. Monica dreams of finishing school and becoming a midwife to help her community and to serve the weakest members of their village—the newborn babies who all too often die during delivery. Monica
Nammombwe (age 13) has parents who love her (and her six siblings), however, they are extremely poor and often cannot provide sufficient food for the day. School supplies and fees are far beyond their ability! But she is such an excellent student that we are trying HARD to find the funds she needs to finish school. If Nammombwe does not receive sponsorship this semester, she will never get to finish school. Her life will be a life of poverty as a peasant farmer. Nammombwe
Winnie (age 18) was almost done with high school when she was forced to drop out to try to find sufficient food and water for her nine siblings. If we can’t find funding to keep Winnie in school, she will most likely enter into a forced marriage to a much older man, and then immediately have a huge family in poverty. Winnie dreams of finishing school and being a teacher! She longs to help the children in her village see that a life of abuse and neglect is not the only future they can have. Winnie
Emily, age 7, is one of six siblings. Her mother and father work very hard, but they cannot earn enough income to survive and to keep their children in school. Emily dreams of being a doctor one day and coming back to Kibisi to serve her village.


Nakajigo, age 18, was on schedule to finish year four of secondary school this semester, but the condition of her poor family is alarming! The polygamous drunkard father has abandoned Nakajigo and her six siblings, and Nakajigo is needing to make desperate decisions about how to keep sufficient food, water, and shelter over her younger siblings. If she could finish secondary school, she would study to be a nurse and return to her village to help her family and others like them.

For $50/month*, Nakajigo can finish high school! (*There is also a one-time $100 fee for her school uniform, books, a sleeping pad, sheets, and school supplies.) Would you please click here to donate today?

Edith, age 16, was almost done with secondary school and she dreamed of being a nurse. Right before Christmas this year, her polygamous father abandoned Edith and her seven siblings. Her mother has no skills and no ability to provide for the children. The situation is dire.

If you could provide Edith with the $50/month* she needs to finish school, she hopes to become a nurse and bring medical help and basic support to her family and community members. (*There is also a one-time $100 fee for her school uniform, books, a sleeping pad, sheets, and school supplies.)

Would you please click here to donate today?

Gladys, age 16, has tried to finish school, even while caring for her five siblings. When her father died recently, Gladys was forced to drop out of school, find work, and care for her younger siblings completely on her own.

Gladys dreams of finishing school! She would be in year three of secondary school if we could just find her sufficient funding. For $50/month*, Gladys can finish high school! (*There is also a one-time $100 fee for her school uniform, books, a sleeping pad, sheets, and school supplies.)

Would you please click here to donate today?

Christine, age 14, had to drop out of school when her alcoholic, domestically violent, father abandoned her mother and all seven children. Christine tries to provide sufficient food, water, shelter, and safety for her family, but she needs to finish her formal education to have any hope of accomplishing these goals for the long-term.


If you donate through the GoFundMe links above, your gifts are NOT tax-deductible.

For a tax-deductible receipt, please send your gift to Maternal Life International:

BUTTE, MT 59701

And be sure to include a note that your gift is for Kibisi, Uganda.

(If all of this seems too complicated, please just drop Tara a note and she’ll walk you through it! tara “at” tarabarthel “dot com.”)