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Our family is actively trying to find at least 40 families/inidividuals who would like to partner with us to raise funding for two needs in Kibisi, Uganda. One need is immediate and “reasonable” (i.e., it seems possible even for we of little faith!). The other seems impossible—but we are going to try anyway:

  1. Keep a Girl in School in Kibisi for only $30/month (elementary) or $50/month (secondary)
  2. Build a Hospital for the Village of Kibisi for only $100/month

In the village of Kibisi, Uganda, almost no girls are able to finish school. They spend their days and nights trying to find sufficient water and food to live another day (and to provide for their many younger siblings).

For only $30/month (100% of the proceeds going directly to the girls’ education), you can fund a primary girl’s education at the best (safest!) boarding school available.

Secondary school is slightly more expensive ($50/month), but when even just one young woman has the opportunity to finish her education and develop a skill, her impact multiples exponentially because she immediately gives back to her family and community.

The women of Kibisi, Uganda are strong, brave, and generous. They work hard to overcome the societal oppression that beats down on them and to help other girls to escape a hopeless future of misery, too.

Education is the key. Which means that you are the key to a  better life for an entire generation of Ugandan girls.

Will you please consider sponsoring a girl’s education? As soon as you let us know how much you would like to give, we will tell the women leaders in Kibisi and they will immediately give your girl the news that someone cares about them and wants to help.

You can click this page to see the girls with most immediate, dire needs and learn how easy it is for you to donate and keep them in school! Of course, if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the Barthels directly: tara “at”


We have already been able to purchase the land and hire architects and engineers to draw up the plans for The Life and Peace Health Centre in Kibisi-Kalungu District. This community health centre will serve the entire community’s health needs by providing primary care, a pharmacy, lab, and a 32-bed hospital with designated maternity and children’s wards.

The entire fundraising goal may seem completely out of reach—but we are not focusing on that right now. All we are trying to do is find 15 friends who can commit to giving $100/month for only one year and then we can immediately move forward with building the Outpatient Department and the Latrine.

(The health centre has been specifically designed to be built in useful phases.)

If we can find those 15 friends who will donate, we can help provide (much, much needed!) health care THIS YEAR! And while we are doing so, we will begin contacting foundations and grant/funding sources to try to raise the rest of the funds for this ambitious project.

It may take us 5 or 10 years, but how wonderful it will be to look back on 2017 and say, “That was the year we started to build this health centre and now it exists and will benefit Ugandans for generations to come!”

Join in the fun! Any amount helps! You can click here to give immediately or contact the Barthels for more giving options.

The Land for the Life and Health Peace Centre in Kibisi

The Land for the Life and Health Peace Centre