In November of 2016, my twelve year-old daughter and I had the joy of traveling to the village of Kibisi, Uganda, to serve with two organizations: Maternal Life International and I Am That Woman. We quickly fell in love with the women and girls of Uganda, especially as we began to understand the level of oppression and hardship under which they daily live.

Through these stories, we hope to communicate our gratitude to the many friends who sacrifically donated so that we could bring many gifts to Kibisi. We also hope to motivate a few people to join us in giving in the future—in order to help girls stay in school and to build a community health centre for the village of Kibisi.

If you ever have any questions (or ideas and suggestions!) for our family, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and much love!
Fred and Tara Barthel, Sophia & Ella

We were able to send out a snail-mail-update-letter to a few of our closest friends and family, but the following links contain even more details, photos, and videos. We hope you enjoy and that you can accept our apologies re: not being able to afford to send out a personal letter to each one of our generous supporters. We appreciate you so much!