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Sweet and Charming (and Lawyerly)

Of all of the photos from Ella’s birthday party, this one is definitely one of my favorites:

It may not be immediately obvious, but look at the lower portion of the cake and you’ll see some pretty big chunks out of the icing and decorations.

Why is this is a favorite? Probably because I really admired Ella’s self-control in waiting throughout the ENTIRE morning to dive into her cake. (Yes, yes, we really like the whole “big reveal” thing for birthday mornings. But it’s also very hard to have presents and cake just sort of staring at your until the start of the party.)

But I also really enjoyed her joie de vivre and her passion and the way she just jumped right in as soon as she had the chance.

And that leads me to the REAL reason why I love this photo so much … it’s so lawyerly. So obedient to the letter of the law. So “Good job obeying, Ella! But now let me teach you the spirit of the law behind the law.” You see, Ella knew that the cake was “for the party” and she had to wait “until the party” to have it. So the MOMENT the very first guest started arriving (and well before the official candle lighting/song singing/cake eating time), she made a bee-line for the cake and dove right in. Technically, it WAS “at the party.”

I find that sweet and charming. Just like her cake.