Tara’s Bio

I coauthored my first book with someone who used to be one of my closest friends. Ironically (and that’s using the true sense of the word ironic), even though she and I were both Certified Christian Conciliators with The Institute for Christian Conciliation, we got into a terrible conflict while we were writing the book Peacemaking Women. So we had to hire two mediators (one of whom we had trained on how to be a Christian mediator!) to mediate this book. Life is so crazy sometimes!

You can read all about our conflict, mediation, and reconciliation in the Conclusion of the book.

Tara Barthel

Tara Klena Barthel has served as a professional Christian mediator for over twenty years. She also maintains her license to practice law in the state of Illinois, with her work focused in the area of high net worth (charitable) estate planning. Tara formerly led the Institute for Christian Conciliation during its tenure under Ken Sande, and she continues to accept Christian conciliation cases and speaking engagements as her schedule so allows.

Tara is the author of the peacemaking women’s video series Living the Gospel in Relationships and the ASL-translated women’s video series Becoming Who You Already Are, the co-author of the books Peacemaking Women and Redeeming Church Conflicts, and a contributing author to the PCA women’s blog enCourage.

Tara earned her law degree and M.B.A. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and her B.A. in psychology from Augustana College (Illinois). Currently enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary and pursuing her Master’s degree in Religion, Tara delights in serving her family as a homemaker and her community as a Rhetoric teacher. To learn more about Tara, please visit her website at: www.tarabarthel.com or friend her on FaceBook.