Peacemaking Women

Peacemaking Women

Friends let you down. A romance turns sour. Children rebel. A church is divided. You feel like you don’t measure up. Is there really hope for living at peace?

Yes! Peacemaking Women offers a meaningful, lasting message to lead you out of conflict and into a state of peace where you can live as a representative of Christ to other women as well as to unbelievers. With personal stories and advice that is firmly rooted in Scripture, the authors guide you to peace with God, peaceful relationships with others, and genuine peace within.

I coauthored Peacemaking Women with my friend and Ken Sande describes it as a “life-changing book that contains a wealth of wisdom and encouragement for women who want to learn how to turn any conflict into an opportunity to build deeper and closer relationships.” Bryan Chapell says that it is a “powerfully honest book that applies the truths of the Gospel to make each of us a loving instrument of God’s grace to others.” And Elyse Fitzpatrick strongly recommends Peacemaking Women because “it isn’t just another book on communication or conflict resolution; it will open your eyes to the role our idolatrous hearts play in our conflicts and then point you back to the Peacemaker who took peacemaking so seriously He was willing to die for it.”

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Organized into twelve chapters covering conflicts with God, others, and within, Peacemaking Women provides discussion questions and recommended resources at the end of each chapter:

Conflicts with God

  1. Thinking about God
  2. Idolatry
  3. Suffering

Conflicts with Others

  1. Biblical Peacemaking
  2. Shalom-Filled Relationships
  3. Romantic Love
  4. Families
  5. The Church
  6. Female Leaders with Powerful Personalities

Conflicts Within

  1. Shame
  2. Depression
  3. Fear

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