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Biblical Hope (and Help) for Women with Powerful Personalities
Gifted, educated, and passionate women often are misunderstood and can easily
find themselves isolated, lonely, or embroiled in a variety of relational conflicts. The
very strengths that help us to motivate and lead others can also be our downfall
relationally. If you, or someone you know, struggles to relate well with people and
develop deep friendships, this workshop is for you. Grounded in biblical truth and
fueled by the gospel, we will consider how best to serve these precious women with
grace, truth, and redemptive time. Handouts
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Peacemaking for Preschoolers (and their Mothers!)
One of the most common questions I hear at women’s retreats is this: “At what age should we start teaching our children the Young Peacemaker materials?” By looking at Corlette’s (wonderful!) course, it may be easy to think that age 7 or 8 is appropriate because by then, most children are able to read and complete the fun activity booklets. However, I strongly believe that the best age to start training children in peacemaking is no later than preschool. Otherwise, we inadvertently train them to be tiny peace-fakers and peace-breakers rather than peace-makers! In this workshop, we will discuss how to teach and reinforce peacemaking in the lives of very young children. Handouts
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Mediating the Miserable Christian Marriage: An Advanced Case Study
Do you know any marriages in which the husband and wife love God, their children, their church — and hate each other? Having co-mediated a number of these “miserable Christian marriages” over the years, my pastor (Jason Barrie) and I do. We have seen firsthand the poisonous cauldron of bitterness and rage that can only come after couples spend decades either fleeing or returning in kind countless offenses, slights, and graceless attacks. These marriages are stuck in a cycle of despair and they need help. In this workshop, we will share with you the idols of the heart and other issues we observe repeatedly in marriage conciliation cases. We will also provide the Scriptures and strategies we most often use to encourage, confront, rebuke, and comfort. Handouts
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But How Can I Submit When I Know He’s Wrong? Biblical Conflict Resolution Involving Authority Relationships
We know from Scripture that we are called to “seek peace and pursue it” (1 Peter
3:11). We also know that God works out His will through authority (Romans 13:1-5).
So what do we do when our leaders make bad decisions? Though often godly and
wise, sometimes our leaders–both men and women–make foolish, immature, and
unloving decisions. At other times, we may simply disagree with them. In this workshop, we consider what it means to pursue unity in relationships that
have authority dimensions. Handouts
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Healing the Conflicts Between Mothers & Daughters
In this workshop from the 2001 Peacemaker Ministries Annual Conference, I teach not only from my own mother-daughter experience (my mother was an alcoholic with mental illnesses, I have had two step-mothers, and I lived with a “Christian mom” in high school after my mother attempted suicide), but also from the experiences of over 100 women I interviewed for this training.(PLEASE NOTE: The audio quality is not good at the beginning of this recording, but it improves.) Handouts
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Oceans of Emotions: Effectively Ministering Peace to Women
I taught this workshop at the 2002 Peacemaker Ministries Annual Conference with the hope of ministering to women who experience powerful emotions (like me!), and also to the people who relate with us. We consider how our emotions exist for God’s glory, how the Fall affects our emotions, and how our emotions show our what we believe about God, ourselves, others, and our circumstances. I also provide some practical steps for wisely and biblically managing our emotions and ministering to people with strong emotions.(PLEASE NOTE: This recording is missing the first and last couple minutes of the teaching. While you can still understand where I was headed, I am sorry for this glitch.) Handouts
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TRACK 1: The Grace of God that Brings Shalom
This is my personal testimony of God’s grace ministering to my heart and bringing abiding Shalom: peace with God, others, and within. I share of growing up with a crushing sense of being “not good enough” no matter how hard I tried (and how I tried to “escape” through performance and food). I also explain how the Lord brought me to peace with my past (I grew up in an alcoholic, divorced family with a mentally ill mother) and is ministering peace to my heart to this day. I hope it is an encouragement to you!
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TRACK 2: A Woman of Peace Amidst Holiday Strife
I gave this keynote at our church’s Christmas Brunch back in 2000. Through Scripture and humor, I provide practical ideas for walking in peace amidst the frenzied holiday season. (I’ve been told this is an especially good recording to listen to just prior to Thanksgiving.)

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