Becoming Who You Already Are

Many aspects of the Christian life are a mystery. How do we “rest with confidence” and “battle with assurance”? What does it mean to “strive like a gladiator” while remembering that, in Christ, by His perfect, finished work, the battle is already won? Can we really have “the peace that passes understanding” while live in this sin-sick, fallen world? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! We can become who we already are—but we do not do so in isolation. In community, we lay hold of the present means of grace and help one another to live lives that testify to the beauty, holiness, power, and love of God our Savior. As we are honest before the Lord and His Word reveals our hearts, we learn how to be honest with one another—lamenting our sorrows, confessing our ongoing sins and unbelief, spurring one another on to turn away from our guilty pleasures and our shame-based feelings of “never being good enough.”

Tara’s second video series, Becoming Who You Already Are, helps your women to press in to Christ with all of their affect (feelings), thinking, believing, energy, passion, and drive; to learn how to live with “logic on fire” (to use D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ term), having both reason and feeling “proactively, energetically, passionately, logically, wrestled into line with God’s Word.” Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

We can learn how to labor and rest. Battle and be at peace. Grieve and laugh, but always with a confident, biblical hope that never falters because it is founded on Christ alone. J.I. Packer calls this, “becoming genuine moral, spiritual, and theological realists.” In this video series (and its related retreat), we call it, “becoming who you already are.”

** PLEASE NOTE: This video series is only available by digital download and all sessions have been interpreted into ASL (American Sign Langauge).