Becoming Who You Already Are

Do you ever wonder why so many ostensibly mature Christians seem to make such little progress in spiritual maturity and godliness—even though God’s Word promises that He is at work in us, conforming us to His Son (Romans 8:29)? Does it ever frustrate you that so many Christians in your life are constantly embattled and embittered—even though Jesus says that He gives us His peace (John 14:27)?

Many aspects of the Christian life are a mystery. How do we “rest with confidence” and “battle with assurance”? What does it mean to “strive like a gladiator” while remembering that, in Christ, by His perfect, finished work, the battle is already won? Can we really have “the peace that passes understanding” while live in this sin-sick, fallen world? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! We can become who we already are—but we do not do so in isolation.

In community, we lay hold of the present means of grace and help one another to live lives that testify to the beauty, holiness, power, and love of God our Savior. As we are honest before the Lord and His Word reveals our hearts, we learn how to be honest with one another—lamenting our sorrows, confessing our ongoing sins and unbelief, spurring one another on to turn away from our guilty pleasures and our shame-based feelings of “never being good enough.

Becoming Who You Already Are helps your women to press in to Christ with all of their affect (feelings), thinking, believing, energy, passion, and drive; to learn how to live with “logic on fire” (to use D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ term), having both reason and feeling “proactively, energetically, passionately, logically, wrestled into line with God’s Word.” Plus, it’s a lot of fun! (Click here to read recent feedback on this event. Tara has apparently become much funnier in her 40’s.)

We can learn how to labor and rest. Battle and be at peace. Grieve and laugh, but always with a confident, biblical hope that never falters because it is founded on Christ alone. J.I. Packer calls this, “becoming genuine moral, spiritual, and theological realists.” We call it, “becoming who you already are.”

Becoming Who You Already Are
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The following feedback comes from recent attendees at the Becoming Who You Already Are women’s retreats (also Called Ordering our Disordered Affections and Women Seeking Joy).

  • What a wonderful gift God has given you to be able to mix “real life” and theology so powerfully.
  • Thanks for the encouragement that God forgives me. I needed it.
  • I’ve done your Living the Gospel in Relationships study. It had a great impact on me. I really appreciated your talk this weekend. I’ve been refreshed. (I’m a homebody and I don’t usually like to attend a retreat but my soul was nourished this weekend.
  • God has opened my eyes this weekend & He worked through you! Thank you for the REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS!
  • So refreshing to be among believers as we tackle the topic of sin & how “Being confident that God forgives sin” leads to genuine joy!
  • Praising God to hear His truth in love so as to focus my heart and mind on him. Rom 12:1-2
  • Great presentation! Love your style and your ability to communicate effectively. I love how you keep God’s word central and yet unpack the realities of our lives!
  • Loved your witty, funny style & interactive component
  • Thanks for making me think.
  • Thank you for keeping me engaged. I loved all the nuggets of joy I found.
  • Loved your focus; it was so helpful. Loved your humor – it added a lot!
  • Thanks, I’ve been liberated. Feel freedom, joy, and peace.
  • This was so helpful to name my hidden sin, to put words to it. And encouraging us to hear again that God forgives sin.
  • Love how you take us deep & then lighten it with humor!!
  • Thank you for your vulnerability, authenticity, and godly message!
  • You are brilliant, helpful, thoughtful, kind for sharing so that I can understand and grow and change. Thank you for everything so I can love better.
  • You gave me a lot of hope this weekend. I’ve really been struggling and needed to hear what you had to say.