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Dr. Doriani on Discipline

In his book, ‘The Life of a God-Made Man,’ Dr. Dan Doriani says this:

‘Discipline is the process in which bigger sinners attempt to convince little sinners to mend their wicked ways.’

I’m thinking about this quote a lot now as I read over the surveys that continue to come in and I learn how most churches do not practice church discipline; and how those that do are all-too-often quite harsh and condemning (rather than redemptive) in their discipline.

I also think about Dr. Doriani’s teaching as I discipline Sophia (my two and a half year old). I always THOUGHT that I would ‘never’ say anything like, ‘WHY did you DO THAT?!?’ to my daughter. I (foolishly) thought that I would always know the answer! (‘Because I’m two years old.’ ‘Because I’m a sinner in need of a Savior.’ Etc. etc.)

But boy o boy! When we’re in the heat of the moment and I’m exasperated / tired / scared / overwhelmed, it’s so easy to forget that I’m just a big ol’ sinner attempting to convince a little sinner to mend her wicked way.

Thanks, Dr. Doriani for the great reminder!

We’re all desperate for The Savior!
Thank You for the Cross.