If you are interested in learning more about Christian conciliation, I urge you to read the entire Case Management section of The Institute for Christian Conciliation’s website and pay particular attention to the Rules of ProcedureFrequently Asked Questions, and Standard of Conduct. As a Certified Christian Conciliator™ with the Institute for Christian Conciliation, I provide all conciliation services—conflict coaching, mediation, arbitration, organizational intervention, and conflict consulting—in a manner consistent with these documents and standards. I also encourage you to read the Foundational Principles of biblical peacemaking (and The Peacemaker by Ken Sande if you have time) and ensure that you have done all you can to resolve your conflict in a biblically-faithful manner with the assistance of your local church.

Once you have reviewed the Case Management section of The Institute for Christian Conciliation website, you may contact me to discuss the possibility of my serving you as a Christian conciliator on a specific case. Please note, however, that due to time constraints, I do not accept many cases or consulting requests. Also, with the exception of one or two cases a year that I accept for no charge, I usually charge a $150 non-refundable filing fee to open a conciliation inquiry, and if I accept your conciliation case, I charge either an hourly professional rate or a flat fee depending on the complexities and details of the case.

Please also note that I believe that peacemaking is an essential ministry of the local church, not a task reserved for professional mediators, therapists, or lawyers. Therefore, if you choose to open a formal case with me, I will be contacting your church leaders for their permission and also to invite their participation in the conciliation process.

If you are reading this page, I assume that you are facing a conflict. Please know that my heart breaks when I think of the ongoing suffering and the sorrows that these conflicts may be bringing to your lives. I want to encourage you that the Bible contains all the promises and principles needed for wise and gracious conflict resolution. I do not know whether I will have the joy of serving you in a conciliation setting, but regardless, as you believe the gospel, trust in Christ, and faithfully rely on the promises and obey the commands that he has given to us in Scripture, I do believe that you will make wise decisions that will benefit you for your entire life.

May God grant you wisdom from heaven (James 3) as you seek his glory and true reconciliation in your conflicted relationships.