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Born in 1970

I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood / teen years lately because:

1. I’m chewing through books on the teens of this generation: The Millennials, Generation iY, and also reading Tim Challies’ new book on The Digital Explosion … so I’m thinking about our old black and white television, our first VHS machine, our first microwave, Pong, Space Invaders, and using my sisters box-of-a-Mac.

2. We’re in Fred’s childhood area and a friend of his from high school died this week so we’re having all sorts of conversations about high school, the brevity of life, how grateful we are for God’s grace in our lives, etc.

3. In a few days, I’m going to be driving through my old high school haunt of Morris, Illinois for a (too brief) visit with my “spiritual parents”, Paul and Donna Livingston. (“Grandpa & Grandma L” to the girls).

It’s strange how, in some ways, it’s all very detached because we’re so happy to be 41 years old and we’re so grateful for our lives now. But then we can have the same sort of still-feeling-like-a-teenager flashbacks to high school dynamics. All at the same time.

I think long car rides add to it all and mess with my mind too.


Sending you greetings from the Midwest! Will try to post some pics soon.

Tara B.

Now I’m REALLY having 80’s flashbacks after this link from Challies: Scenes of Mall Madness 1989