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If you have never participated in a LiveBlog, I encourage you to consider trying one in in the future because I am a VERY friendly and easy-to-contact LiveBlogger … so if you have any questions about the LiveBlogs, I am at your service to help you. (I know how hard it can be to try new technologies and it truly is my JOY to help you to understand and benefit from the LiveBlogs.)

In a nutshell, LiveBlogs provide continuous, real-time (“live”) coverage of events through text (I type REALLY quickly!), photos, and links. So if you are not able to attend the conferences in person, you can still have the “feeling” of being there as you benefit from the content, pictures, etc. And if you are actually present at the conferences, then you can concentrate on listening and learning and not worry so much about taking detailed notes or writing down each citation, because I will capture all of that information for you.

In addition, if you would like to participate interactively in the LiveBlogs, you can:

  • Provide feedback to the speakers or ask questions during discussion/Q&A sessions. (I will read your questions / feedback to the speakers on your behalf and then transcribe the responses for you.)
  • Ask me to capture a certain photo for you. (“Hey, Tara, would you please put up a photo of the Gettys with their new baby?”)
  • Let your friends and family back home “see” you on the LiveBlog (just find me and I’m happy to put your greeting and photo up!) and/or follow right along with what you are experiencing during the worship, prayer, and teaching times.
  • You can even interact with me (I always love it when friends stop by and say hello!) and/or other LiveBlog participants too. (Having LiveBlogged for years now, my LiveBlog friends from around the world are starting to get to know one another after “attending” conferences “together” so often. Many of us stay in touch through my public Facebook page too.)

If you click on the LiveBlog when it is active (“ON AIR”), you will be seeing everything in real time. Once the event concludes, the LiveBlog becomes a transcript that you can review as many times as you would like in “REPLAY” mode. (Replays can be particularly helpful because I type almost at the rate of speech—so I capture the majority of the teaching content, including citations. I also try to grab and include links for anything that a speaker mentions—books, quotes, lyrics, etc.)

I hope that this information provides you with everything you need in order to participate in the LiveBlogs! If you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to serve you regarding the LiveBlogs, I hope that you will please contact me at your convenience.

Thanks and hope to see you on the LiveBlogs—

Your sister in Christ,
Tara Barthel

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