PCA Women’s Leadership LiveBlogs

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I am so honored to have the privilege of LiveBlogging the 2014 PCA Women’s Leadership Conference: Leading with Truth.

(If you have no idea what a LiveBlog is, I have some information you might want to read here. Basically, you get to attend the conference virtually and you can participate (if you’d like) or just observe—whatever you are most comfortable with. In addition, if you are attending the conference, the LiveBlog is a great way for you to share the conference with your family and friends at home. Plus, you can have detailed notes to take home with you because I type almost at the rate of speech, so, Lord willing, I should transcribe most of the references and teaching points for you.)

If it is February 20-22, 2014 and one of the plenary sessions is “live”/”on air”, you can just click on the session below to join in the LiveBlog. Otherwise, all of the transcripts of the LiveBlogs will be available for you to read in “replay mode”:

Thursday, February 20

1:00PM (Eastern) General Session #1: Nancy Guthrie – Keep a Close Watch

6:30PM General Session #2: Nancy Guthrie – Have a Clear Aim

Friday, February 21

8:00AM General Session #3: Ellen Dykas – Taking God’s Truth to a Hurting and Struggling World

1:00PM General Session #4: Tara Barthel & Ellen Dykas – Real Friendship for Women Leaders: Loving Each Other Enough to Speak Truth (and Enjoy One Another)

Saturday, February 22

9:45AM General Session #5: Melanie Cogdill (A Tale of Two Women), Sarah Ivill (Thinking Biblically and Living Covenantally), and Stephen Estock (Why I Love Women’s Ministry)

To read archived PCA LiveBlogs, click here.

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Thanks much! And I hope the LiveBlogs are a blessing to you—

Your sister in Christ,
Tara B.