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If ministry can be accomplished alone it lacks biblical value; if it is not fun it misses biblical perspective.

Some of Dave’s best writing to date over at our Redeeming Church Conflicts blog:

How to Preserve Your Pastor (Part 7): Sharing Ministry … With Friends

This is dedicated to my new friends. Especially my new pastor friends. You know who you are. I couldn’t help but think of you as I read these words from (my spiritual father and dear friend), Dave Edling:

“Pastor Bob’s experience was never a lack of those seeking to share neither ministry with him or a lack of friends because he had the vision to have fun with his many friends as they undertook something bigger than any one of them could accomplish alone. Vision casting does that. If ministry can be accomplished alone it lacks biblical value; if it is not fun, it misses biblical perspective.

It was like being in Hell with instructions!

Cap’n Dave has written a great post over at our Redeeming Church Conflicts blog. I encourage you to check it out:

It Was Like Being in Hell with Instructions!

Please help Momma to remember how much she loves her daughter …

In just the past few days, I have twice peered over the perilous parenting cliff related to a struggle my four year-old is having—and twice been completely stuck. Something deep inside of me knew there was hope for change, but it was all so hypothetical that in those peak moments of frustration, I was dumbstruck. Completely silent. Unable to conjure up even one hopeful thought (more or less one hopeful word) related to the repeated, seemingly endless, cycle we keep getting caught in.

And then my ten year-old prayed.

Both times, my heart was immediately softened by not only her prayer for her sister, but her consistent prayer for me:

“Please, God, help Momma to remember how much she loves her daughter.”

What a good prayer! But today, she went even further when she pretty much re-preached the sermon that Ken Sande gave at our church Saturday night at his nephew’s wedding. (You would have been so proud of her, Ken!) Her main point as she prayed?

“And please, God, help Momma to remember that this little four year-old is chosen and holy, a dearly loved daughter of God.”

Yah. Good point. Colossians 3:12. That pretty much did me in. Nothing to do in the face of such Truth but repent and believe, eh?

Thank You, Lord.
Thank you, daughter.
And thank you, Ken, for helping our family yet again.

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