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BEST PRICE EVER on ALL of the Peacemaker Video Series: The New “Resolving Everyday Conflict” Series / Ken Sande’s (Excellent!) Small Group Study / The Leadership Opportunity (and more!)

As you may recall from an earlier post, the leaders at Peacemaker Ministries are graciously and generously trying to help our family with some extreme medical costs we are facing (over $10,000 in cashflow needs!) by allowing us to earn revenue from an extreme, EXTREME sale on all of their video series

I cannot commend these resources to you more highly.

I have personally gone through the Ken Sande Small Group Study numerous times and when it is offered again at our church (as I’m sure it will be), I will be quick to sign up again. I need all of the reminders I can get and Ken is, of course, a great teacher. Plus, the questions for discussion are GREAT. If you would like to help your family, ministries, churches … get this series! $75 rather than $139? It’s a screamin’ deal.

As is the (excellent!) Resolving Everyday Conflict Study. Truly. Maybe you’d like something that is a particularly current / relevant introduction to peacemaking for young people? (We’ve had GREAT success with it with our teens and college/young adult ages in our church.) Or maybe you’re been through the basic peacemaking stuff and would like a review, but something a little different from “JUST” the Seven A’s & Four G’s, etc. etc. This is the resource for you! But why spend $169 when you can get it for only $75 through October 30.

(And there are two other video series too that you should check out! 🙂 )

I can’t imagine that I’ll get to offer such a phenomenally wonderful deal for you anytime again soon in the future. So please do consider clicking on through and not only getting some GREAT (biblical, practical, Christ-exalting) resources—but also helping out the ol’ Barthels.

We are praying daily for God’s provision and we would truly appreciate it.

Thanks, friends!

Love and blessings,
Tara B.