About Tara

Thanks for stopping by my website! I hope that it provides you with the information you need on my speaking and conciliation services and that we will stay in touch via my blog and Facebook.

You can read my full bio here, but for a quick summary: As an attorney licensed to practice law in Illinois, I have focused my practice primarily in the field of high net worth (charitable) estate planning. In addition, I have served as a Christian mediator for over twenty years. I still describe myself primarily as a homemaker, but I also have the privilege of regularly mediating, writing, and speaking at conferences and retreats.

In between trying to overcome my fears related to cooking (I’m a terrible cook!), and chasing Sophia, Ella, and our Golden Retriever, I have published two books: Peacemaking Women—Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict and Redeeming Church Conflictsand two video series: Living the Gospel in Relationships and the ASL-translated video series Becoming Who You Already Are.

I am currently enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary where I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Religion.