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I needed to re-read this today! The Grace that Saves is the Grace that Leads Us Home (by Kevin DeYoung)

THE GRACE THAT SAVES IS THE GRACE THAT LEADS US HOME Kevin DeYoung I know, I know. The horse is already dead, so stop beating it. As far I know my own heart, I’m not trying to pile on, dig in my heels, or even win an argument. I would like, however, to be clear. I believe with all my …

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God is the party wronged, and yet he sues for peace with us.

I’m not feeling very peacemake-y these days. If I feel anything at all re: certain relationships, it’s pretty much just anger and disappointment. But honestly, I’m so tired and sick of things, that mostly, I don’t feel anything at all. (Not good. I know. Very not good.) But there is hope! Even for weary people like me. Listen to how …

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