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Questions to Ask Re: Your Church

TakeYourVitmainZ posted a great set of questions from Timmy Brister that we should all ask re: our churches: If our church would cease to exist in our city, would it be noticed and missed? If all the pastors were tragically killed in a car accident, would the church’s ministry cease or fall apart? If the only possible means of connecting with …

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PCA Women’s Blog: enCourage – Gospel Love in Uganda

  Super happy to share about Uganda on the PCA Women’s blog today! Thanks, Christina et al.

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Sticking with People is Frustrating … You Will Suffer Pain if You are Committed to People

What a contrast in articles! The first is what I would charitably characterize as a, well, not very gracious, thoughtful, or helpful article on why every woman should “ditch the guilt” dropping her little baby off with the “professionals” because staying home with young children can “drive you bonkers,” “give you a back problem and a brain ache,” and women …

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Don’t Kid Yourself — Parents Die

  (A repost from 2013.) Thanks to my astoundingly generous sister, I have had an iPhone for one year now. She bought it for me mostly because it was the same cost as renting a GPS for me for one of my events that required me to drive—and she knows that I am the MOST spatially-confused human on the planet. …

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Church Youth Group: The second most likely place for childhood abuse (!!)

Well. It’s the time again. Let’s talk about where your children are most likely to be sexually abused. Today I read an article from a pediatrician citing church youth group as the second most common place that her patients are sexually abused. (And she sees 1-2 children per week who have been sexually abused!!) This makes me sick. This makes me angry. And this make …

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Friend – Prayer Group FOLLOW-UP

Nancy asked some great questions in a comment: “Where do you meet with this group? Just curious…homes? restaurants? and how long do the meetings last? Who takes care of the kids?” I wish I had thought to answer them in the first post! 🙂 Here are my responses: – We meet in a home—often the home of the mother with …

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