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Surrounded by People yet Desperately Alone

What a joy it is to be included on the PCA Women’s blog, enCourage!  I hope that you will check out my inaugural post there: Surrounded by People Yet Desperately Alone (And all of the other posts by wonderful writers such as Susan Hunt, Karen Hodge, Ellen Dykas, Courtney Doctor, Christina Fox, Melissa Kruger … and more!)

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Teach Your Kids from Your Weaknesses! (Romans 12: Duty, Depravity, and Destiny …)

This morning, I told my girls THE Romans 12 story. Some of you have heard it. You know. That time when I was SO MAD that I ripped my Bible — WHILE sitting in my Director’s chair at The Institute for Christian Conciliation. My friend lovingly counseled me right into repentance and faith, basically by making me read Romans 12 …

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