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Help (and Biblical Hope!) for Churches in Conflict

Our family is celebrating the release of the second edition of “Redeeming Church Conflicts” by the wonderful Hendrickson Publishers! My sweet and silly daughters even held a little photo shoot in order to re-pose the picture we took when the first edition was released four years ago:    Oh, how we pray that you, or someone you know who is facing the heart-breaking pain of church …

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Relational Wisdom – Ken Sande’s Endorsement of “Redeeming Church Conflicts”

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Dream big. Work hard. Sacrifice. Be excellent. And then give it away! (HT: Joe Adams)

I love everything that I have ever read or seen by Carolyn McCulley and this video is no exception: If you have ever wondered why you are doing some “small ministry” in your daily life; or why you are working hard in secret; or whether any of it ever really matters, watch this video and be encouraged. It reminded me …

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