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Grief Sometimes Feels Like Fear

As Fred and I continue to face ongoing disappointment and confusion in our (now) months-long season of pain, I find myself very sad. At first I thought I might be dipping my emotional toes into the pool of the Black Dog of Depression. But then I realized: a) I recognized that I felt sad. Depression hardly ever feels likes sadness to me—I experience …

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I love this! “I Will Wait”

Two of my favorite people, Carolyn McCulley and Pastor Anyabwile, pointed me to this video years ago and it is still a favorite. I do SO urge you to watch it all the way to the end. It may not be your culture. Poetry reading may not be something you take part in often. Listen anyway. This is excellent.

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I Bet I Was A Prayer Request Just Like That When I Was 13 Years Old (The Rich Tapestry of God’s Providence)

If you haven’t read this Tim Challies’ post, you really should. It is wonderful! The Rich Tapestry of God’s Providence It reminds me of five minutes I spent with a woman at my church after our service. She had given a prayer request during the service for a thirteen year-old girl she knows whose life situation is utterly chaotic: addict …

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My Arguments Bounced Off of Her Like Tigger on Red Bull

A few years ago, I had the joy of serving a group of pre-teens and teens in a Geography class. Not being a geography expert (understatement of the year and a fact that I made quite clear to the parents and students when they asked me to serve), I was happy to walk with the students through their Geography textbook as they memorized …

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I could have SUED and WON. Almost guaranteed. All it would have cost me was my integrity.

Last summer, someone I respect very much encouraged me to write up the story of how God provided the means for our family to send me all the way from Montana to Florida to LiveBlog The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference. I prayed and reflected on her comments for a few days and then decided that she was right. The entire situation was so …

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