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The Difficult Task of Declining the Sleepover Invitation

Last year I read a post by Tim Challies on why his family doesn’t do sleepovers, reminded me of an awkward conversation we had to have with some of our dearest friends in the world. It had to do with an invitation that one of our daughters had for a birthday party sleepover. As a general rule, we are a “NO …

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How to Write a Eulogy for a Bad Mother / a Mother Who Didn’t Love You

(This is a re-post from 2013. To read more about this topic, I encourage you to read all of the posts in my “Eulogy for a Bad Mother” category. There aren’t many, but they may be helpful to you.) Tomorrow it will be four months to the day since my mother died. I cry less, but I still cry. My dreams …

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What I Tell My Pre-Teen About Porn

Yesterday, I did a quick check-in with my preteen daughter about how her heart and mind were doing re: inadvertent exposure to sexual or violent images. I use different words, of course. Otherwise, the very act of asking about things could create trouble—and I surely don’t want to do that! But as we were there, nose-to-nose, snuggling and talking about important things, …

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Things You Should Know About Child Sexual Offenders (And a story of how my friends protected Sophia at a farmer’s market when she was only six years old …)

I do not want to raise my children to live lives of fear. I do not want them to think that most “don’t knows” are out to harm them. (We use the Safe Side Super Chick term “don’t know” rather than “stranger” because most people who do hurt children are not strangers—they are “kinda knows.” Children kinda know their coaches, their distant uncles, the nice new man at …

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Child Abuse in the Church: Justice Can be Grace

I greatly appreciated this link from Challies and I urge you to read it and listen to its counsel:  Safeguarding Against Abuse in the Church The only thing I would add is that it’s never too young to (age-appropriately) begin talking with children about these things. Let me give you an example … When Sophia was little, my assigned task at our …

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PCA Women’s Ministry Connection Series – Videos on Key Doctrines and Women’s Ministry Topics

I am so grateful for the entire PCA Discipleship Ministries team (PCA = my denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America)! Their prayerful, sacrificial and wise ministry creates wonderful, biblical, Christ-centered resources and events for our denomination and I thank God for them every day. This year, the PCA women’s ministry is releasing a series videos to help connect women to key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics. …

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