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A Plan for Summer Sanity (with FREE Printables!) — All Graciously Given by Melissa Kruger

I enjoy Melissa Kruger’s blog (“Wit’s End”) very much and her post today is surely a keeper: A Plan for Summer Sanity I particularly enjoyed all of the printables that she included at the end of her post: Summer Rules Verses for Summer (these are printable, more options available in the appendix of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood) Responsibilities Chart (3-6 years) …

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It’s Time. Name Guardians, Sign Your Powers of Attorney, and Get Your Basic Estate Planning Done (!).

Tonight I will meet with some friends to help them finish a task they’ve been meaning to do for, well, years: Get a Will Name Guardians for Our Children Figure Out What the Heck Powers of Attorney & Living Wills Are and Maybe Get One? Or Two? Maybe some of you can relate … You’re adults. You have young children. …

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One Danger You Must Avoid at ALL Costs — Regular Church Attendance

Yes, yes. Kevin DeYoung is really gaining on Ed Welch as my favorite contemporary author. I love all of his writings (both online and in print), but this classic (written in the voice of a C.S. Lewis letter to Wormwood) is particularly appropriate this month for all of us who are celebrating our beloved high school graduates: A Lost Letter …

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Your Childhood Does Not Determine Your Life

This past weekend, Fred and I had more time than usual to just talk and visit. It was such a grace to me because I am currently so tired—tired to my bones tired (physically); tired and weeping a lot (emotionally) … intellectually, relationally … spent. So listening to Fred tell me new stories from his childhood—and replaying various moments from …

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