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Family Holidays with Drunks, Addicts, and People Who Do Not Like You

It wasn’t until God saved me as a teenager and I began to be invited into people’s homes and holiday celebrations that I learned first-hand that sometimes, families really liked to gather with one another at the holidays and that sometimes, decorations were lovely; music was redemptive; and food was delicious. (I had read about such things in books as a child, but …

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Forgiveness is at the Heart of Every Redemptive Encounter in the Church

Thanks, Dave! I needed this today. (From our Redeeming Church Conflicts site …) Forgiveness is at the Heart of Every Redemptive Encounter in the Church by David V. Edling In prior posts we have noted the distinctions drawn by the Scriptures between the wisdom of this world and the wisdom that comes down from heaven. James 3:13 through 18 is …

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Paige Benton Brown Giveaways!

Apparently there are quite a few of you (like me!) who think that Paige Benton Brown is phenomenally gifted as a Bible teacher. (I know this because her name is constantly in my list of top-ten searches on this blog.) But have you found it hard to locate her resources online? I know I have. Therefore, as my little Christmas gift to us …

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Robin G & Kelly M are our Winners!

Congratulations, Robin & Kelly! RandomNumberGenerator picked you! Please send me your mailing addresses and I’ll have your books/resources in the mail to you ASAP. (If I hear from you tonight, I might be able to ship them tomorrow—otherwise it’ll have to be next week because Soph & I are heading out for her birthday trip on Wednesday.) Thanks, all! It was …

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Give a Gift to Your Pastor (or Keep it for Yourself)! Enter to Win $100 in FREE RESOURCES!

As you may already know, Peacemaker Ministries has moved to Colorado Springs. In the course of emptying out the old offices here in Billings, I came across some (wonderful!) resources that were going to be given away—so I asked if I could give them to YOU and Peacemakers said, “Sure!” So here is the first Barthel family giveaway for this holiday season …

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