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2014 Peacemaker Conference LiveBlogs

  In just three weeks, I will have the joy of serving at the 2014 Peacemaker Conference. If there is any possibility you can join us September 25-27 in Colorado Springs (or earlier for some of the pre-conference advanced training events), it truly would be wonderful to spend time with you there. But if you can’t make it to Colorado, please …

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Two MORE (Free!) Books to Encourage You as You Minister: Made for More (Hannah Anderson) & Gospel-Centered Teaching (Trevin Wax)

It’s almost September 1 and the biggest WIN FREE STUFF GIVEAWAY of (biblical & practical) resources our family has ever done is coming to a close. THANK YOU for all of the sweet comments and for letting others know about Living the Gospel in Relationships video series. Fred and the girls and I are so grateful. To round out our gifts of the just-released ESV Women’s Devotional Bible (which I …

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Begging Jesus for Sleep

Last week I endured one of my (relatively common) stretches of insomnia. It was, as always, incredibly hard to bear. If you have never struggled with acute, lasting sleeplessness (the kind that goes for hour after hour, night after night), please know that I am thrilled for you. I rejoice as I leave the room with my sleeping-soundly husband and …

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Adding TWO MORE BOOKS to our giveaway: United – Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity (Trillia Newbell) & The Gospel at Work (Traeger/Gilbert)

Given the important things happening in our country right now, I wanted to be sure you all know about Trillia Newbell’s wonderful book: United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity So I thought it would be fun to add a brand-new copy to our family’s current WIN FREE STUFF GIVEAWAY (which ends on September 1). I’m also adding a copy of The Gospel …

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