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Does the Neglect and Abuse of Your Childhood Sometimes Still Jump Up and Surprise You (Even as an Adult, Christian Woman)?

Recently, a dear friend of mine wept silent streams of tears as she learned a little bit more about my childhood and some of the suffering I experienced in my family of origin. This is not a topic I talk about often, but when I do, it does not currently hurt me. It did at first. The ache; the ripping open …

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Jennifer C. is our Winner!

Congratulations, Jennifer C.! chose you as the winner of the Kevin DeYoung book. I just emailed you a few minutes ago to ask for your shipping address … Thanks to everyone who entered! It was really nice to hear from you all. Blessings and joy, Tara B.

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Growth can be extremely hard to see. My (almost) five year-old grieves often when she fails to see growth in her heart. (Some of you may remember the despair in her quote from last year: “I know Jesus is strong. But my FITS are stronger!”) (It only feels that way, darling. It only feels that way.) The truth is that God is changing and growing …

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Enter to Win a FREE Copy of Kevin DeYoung’s Book – Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem

Earlier today, I peeked at the stats for the replays of The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference LiveBlogs and they are just about to go over 10,000 hits (!). So that makes me very happy and puts me in the mood for a giveaway … All you need to do to win a FREE copy of Kevin DeYoung’s (fabulous!) book, “Crazy …

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How to Write a Eulogy for a Bad Mother / a Mother Who Didn’t Love You

(A re-post from 2013 …) Tomorrow it will be four months to the day since my mother died. I cry less, but I still cry. My dreams are not as disturbed as they were at first—but I do still have those particularly troubling ones wherein I am leading my mother out of her nursing home and tucking her into the car to …

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It Takes a Lot of Work to Have this Much Fun on Vacation

  Our family is enjoying a fabulous vacation right now, all courtesy of the astounding generosity of my sister and her Fred. (Yes, we both really did marry men named Fred.) We have all sorts of wonderful family photos that I cannot wait to put into our 2014 Picaboo Family Photo Album and print three copies (one for us, one for each of our …

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