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If ministry can be accomplished alone it lacks biblical value; if it is not fun it misses biblical perspective.

Some of Dave’s best writing to date over at our Redeeming Church Conflicts blog: How to Preserve Your Pastor (Part 7): Sharing Ministry … With Friends This is dedicated to my new friends. Especially my new pastor friends. You know who you are. I couldn’t help but think of you as I read these words from (my spiritual father and dear …

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It was like being in Hell with instructions!

Cap’n Dave has written a great post over at our Redeeming Church Conflicts blog. I encourage you to check it out: It Was Like Being in Hell with Instructions!

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If I Had Absolute Power, Would I Take Revenge? (In secret, of course …)

My pastor, Rev. Dr. Alfred Poirier, preached a sermon this month that I can’t stop thinking about: Joseph in Egypt, Not of Egypt Of course, I’ve read Genesis 41 countless times. I’ve heard a great number of sermons and teachings about Joseph. And I’m a huge Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream fan. (What a blast! What a fun musical! Terrible biblical …

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(Still) Recovering from a Lifetime of Disordered Eating

I have lived for ten+ years now as an obese woman. (With a sweet couple of years in there of making some progress on my spiritual and physical health goals … but then, as is so often the case, losing ground very rapidly. Bummer.) It’s a very strange thing for me to be so overweight. I didn’t used to be. …

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