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Numbing My Emotions

Yes, I am sad that CCEF’s Journal of Biblical Counseling is only available to you if you pay a fee. (But I am sadder still that more of us don’t prayerfully and financially support CCEF every month because if we did, my guess would be that they would happily and cheerfully give The Journal away.) Still … I can confidently say …

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Possibly the best thing I’ve ever read on marriage …

This is long, but very worth the read. It may be the best thing I’ve ever read on marriage: The Wedding Vows: 20 Years Later

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Almost everything is easier than growing in godliness. (Disordered Affections Week 5)

I am currently doing summaries of our church’s summer women’s study on “Disordered Affections.” You can read week 1 here, week 2 here, week 3 here, week 4 here.  This is a summary from week 5 and the handouts for today’s (closing) session … SUMMARY NOTES FROM SESSION 5 of the Rocky Mountain Community Church (PCA) Summer Women’s Study – “Disordered Affections” 1. REVIEW FROM PREVIOUS WEEKS Throughout our …

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