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The Greatest Danger to Your Pastor’s Spiritual Growth

Dave has a great post over at our RedeemingChurchConflicts site: The Greatest Danger to Your Pastor’s Spiritual Growth Here is just a snippet: This is what the dangerous downward spiral looks like: The pastor preaches a powerful message that really communicates. Church members congratulate him on his fine work as a powerful communicator of difficult theological material. The pastor is …

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Doing What is Right — Even in the Face of Unjust Treatment — is Always the Safest Path to Walk

A classic tale (and a great encouragement to keep doing the right thing!) from the consummate storyteller, Ken Sande: “When John’s wife, Karen, divorced him and moved in with her high school sweetheart, John was devastated, especially when his church refused to do anything to try to save their marriage. But he drew on God’s grace and resisted the temptation to …

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Which was worse? A woman praying LOUDLY on a plane (and then negating everything she prayed by her words and actions) OR barefeet toes wrapped around a center armrest?

As a million miler frequent flyer, I really thought I had seen everything possible on commercial air flights. But today’s flight topped them all … Just moments after the flight attendant moved past row 3 on a (TINY, 2×2 configuration, NO personal space at all) CRJ200, a woman stood up in the aisle, removed her shoes, wrapped her barefeet TOES around …

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